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Immigration Law in the Fremont Area

Why can’t my regular lawyer help me with an immigration issue?

Immigration lawyers are responsible for helping individuals and their families apply for various visas to live and work in countries other than the one they were born in, as well as eventually becoming eligible for citizenship in these foreign countries. In line with this branch of the law, immigration lawyers can also help defend people’s cases for being in a foreign country unlawfully, and possibly preventing them from deportation. Visas are temporary waivers to live, work and study in other countries and fall under the categories of spousal, family, work and educational visas. It is practically impossible to navigate through the complex requirements of applying for a visa or citizenship without the help of an immigration lawyer, who has worked and studied to become an expert at filling out applications, collecting and collating all necessary papers and other evidence needed to prove the legitimacy of the visa and/or citizenship request. Sirlinks Law has an immigration department both for US citizens seeking to live, work and/or study in other countries, as well as for individuals from other countries who wish to pursue living, working and/or studying in the United States.