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What does a Family and/or Child Law Attorney Do?

When a marriage becomes irrevocably damaged and ends in divorce, the fact remains that if there are children, both parents are still responsible for their wellbeing. Even unmarried partners with children are still both responsible for their kid’s welfare in the eyes of the law. Typically, one parent usually ends up paying child support to the parent the child primarily resides with (the custodial parent).Any dissension or difficulties that arise between parents who are no longer a couple can be allayed or resolved with the legal advice and/or representation of an attorney who specializes in family and/or child law. If you are a current or past client at Sirlinks Law who as worked with us through your divorce and are now seeking custodial and child support resolution, we offer a transition period whereupon your divorce lawyer will interface with your family and/or child lawyer to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Family and/or Child Law in the Fremont Area

Family and/or Child Law doesn’t begin and end with child custodial and support resolutions. It also covers virtually any legal matter that may arise between family members, including special guardianship, senior citizen law, multigenerational estate issues and various issues concerning minor children and the law, such as adoption and juvenile delinquency.