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Human Rights:

Human Rights is a term with a wide range of meaning, practically speaking, although invented to mean basically one thing, to represent one universal concept, the term ended up being misinterpreted and used differently across the nations of the world. For some people, Human Rights are about taking care of the weak ones, of the misrepresented, they are about taking care of people in need, and if that means crushing the rights of other humans, that’s OK, for at the same time people who are well favored by life will be impaired, weak and needy people will be effectively helped, so all would happen for the greater good, for the sake of cosmic equilibrium so to speak.

There are people, on the other hand, who believe Human Rights were hijacked by political groups who seek to further advance their destructive Agenda and that the thing should be called Special Rights by now since only a few types of individuals seem to benefit from them. There are also people that have no compassion in their hearts and that really do believe that Human Rights should be applied only to the Right Humans, that is, to working and healthy people who’re been contributing to the growth and development of the nation, and of the world.

Then again, I remind the reader that, beyond those conceptions briefly drawn above, many others exist inside the frontiers of the numerous nations of our planet.

Things you should know:

Human Rights were supposed to be a simple thing, an easy to understand and achievable goal, but it turned out to be a well of confusion. Fortunately, that is not the case, or rather the problem isn’t so grave regarding the United States of America.

The Human Rights in the United States encompass a row of rights legally shielded under the Constitution of the United States, and that includes the amendments, the most polemical parts of said constitution nowadays. It is also within the Human Rights of the United States citizens’ initiatives and international treaties. Generally speaking, the constitution of the United States gives unalienable rights to the country’s citizens and even bestows some rights upon non-citizens. This means that, even if you’re a foreigner, you won’t be summarily tortured or executed for committing a crime, though it is not the best idea to commit a crime, especially if you are far away from home, and this, no one can deny it completely, is Human Rights in action. The United States see you as a human being worthy of fair treatment even if you’re not a part of their society, and even if you are not a part of their society and go there to commit crimes.

As far as the original concept of Human Rights is concerned, that is something valuable. It is not in any country of the world we can find this level of mercy, and quite frankly, compassion.

Are there problems regarding Human Rights in America? Yes, endless lots of them, but as we’ve seen, those are not the types of problems that go away smoothly, they actually tend to grow.

The people just have to give their best shot and keep trying to improve.