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Sirlinks Law provides a wide array of legal services including Real Estate Law, Family and Child Law, Divorce Law and Immigration Law. Our mission is to help our clients find positive legal resolution to all of their domestic challenges and issues.




When it comes to the best legal services in California,

TheCase Is Clear

Are you need of legal advice and/or representation? In today’s litigious society, when the right lawyer could be your best defense. Before you choose an attorney, we encourage you to review the law specialties listed below to ensure that you end up with the best attorney for your case.

Child support

Education Rights; Child Abuse; Child Labor Laws; Child Neglect; Parent and Custodial Rights and Orders; Children In Care; Special Needs… All these issues and more fall under the umbrella of Child Law

family Law

Domestic Abuse; Child and Senior Welfare and Protection From Neglect and Abuse; Paternity Battles; Ancestral Disputes; Wills and Estates; Adoption and Special Guardianship, or any other issue that arises between the members of family are covered by the umbrella of Family Law



In today’s complex and everchanging international and immigration law scene, having an effective and knowledgeable immigration attorney is essential to going through the process of applying and successfully attaining any type of visa, including spousal, work, family or for educational purposes, as well as navigating the often-complicated path to legal citizenship.

divorce Law

Divorce, Annulment or Legal Separations all require careful legal advice and representation to ensure a secure and satisfactory resolution to one of life’s most stressful occurrences. No matter how amicable a divorce may start out, the personal and emotionally charged process often elicits feelings of anger, alienation and betrayal, necessitating an experienced divorce lawyer who can be empathic yet objective and assured when representing you and making sure you get everything you need in the final settlement.

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Has your life been turned upside down with complicated and/or emotion charged issues that require legal advice and representation? Does it seem like your family problems will never be satisfactorily resolved due to ineffectual legal guidance? Have you been putting off consulting and hiring an attorney who could provide solutions to complex issues that only a legal professional can resolve? Sirlinks Law can provide the most effective and expedient service for all of your domestic legal challenges and issues.

Fully staffed with 15 prominent and proven lawyers who can point to one legal success story after another, Sirlinks Law welcomes your toughest legal battles with energy, empathy and answers, fighting your legal battles until they are resolved to your satisfaction. At Sirlinks Law we relish going to the table as many times as it takes to bring justice and a clear resolution to our clients. Our partners and staff attorneys possess a wide spectrum of expertise in all branches of domestic law, as well as other, more specialized law practices that may be needed in special cases. Basically, if we don’t have a lawyer who completely understands the type law you need to resolve any domestic law issue you are experiencing, we will go out and find the best legal specialist with that knowledge and contract with him or her as a consultant to your case!

Our lawyers come from the top law schools in the country and have excellent interpersonal skills as well as legal prowess. Their ability to listen without bias, paired with their outstanding communication skills and inherent moral compass provide the winning combination you need in today’s legal proceedings and courtrooms.

We Urge You To Read This Before

Hiring An Attorney:

We believe in matching our legal talent to your specific issues and challenges as well as pairing you with an attorney who you relate to on a personal and philosophical level. The questions you ask should be targeted to discovering these qualities whenever seeking appropriate legal representation. Here are a few important and desirable qualities to take into consideration when preparing to interview a lawyer:


When in need of a top ranked California lawyer, you should always search out professionalism and competency as the primary characteristics of any attorney you consider working with. Sirlinks Law has already taken this step for you – we only hire the top law graduates from their graduation year, and they need to be as professional as they are smart and good at their job.


The last thing you need when hiring a lawyer, is to break your budget and then have to worry how in the world you’re ever going to pay them. When you work with Sirlinks Law, we always take your budget constraints into consideration, and we work hard to find you the best legal representation for your money.

Great Reviews

Satisfied clients are the best advertising a law firm can have. Sirlinks Law has a lot to be proud and thankful for. We have thousands of positive customer reviews if you need proof of our good work and proven track record.

Money Back

Some law firms are cagey when it comes to payment plans or payment upon contingency terms, or they’ll demand a large amount up front, upon which they can draw funds as they need it. 

We Offer Legal Aid From Some of our Best Lawyers!

Legal Aid is not something that all lawyers in California can, or will provide. We have, on staff, lawyers who are well versed in this particular area of the law, who can provide their expertise when representing legal aid clients. Our legal aid lawyers are up to date on all rules and regs andwill provide advice and representation that is relevant to the case and accessible to the client. They are passionate about the law and justice for all, and they will have your back when you need them the most.




When it comes to Family Law issues and challenges, oftentimes the information in question can be highly personal and/or emotionally charged. In these cases, the client needs and deserves a lawyer who is objective yet empathic, sensitive to the needs of those involved, but with a strong sense of boundaries, which protect all parties and allow for clarity and strength in any situation. An excellent Family Law Judge must be a diplomat, a scholar and a savvy negotiator. At Sirlinks Law we are proud to say our Family Law attorneys hit this trifecta of professional care again and again!

Why Is it so important to be represented by an experienced lawyer?

The answer to this one is pretty simple. No one wants to be the client a lawyer “learns on”. It’s not fair to any client, paying or otherwise, and it’s a good way to give a law firm a bad reputation. So, whether you look on the internet, check out the top ten lists in the region, ask a friend or a neighbor for recommendations or are referred by another professional, whatever you do when finding the best domestic lawyer for your personal requirements, make sure they’ve got practical experience under their belts that is directly related to your specific legal issues. By the way, we have a hard and fast rule at Sirlinks Law: We don’t try a case using an attorney with less than two years’ experience without a senior attorney consulting with him or her on every detail. That’s how our attorneys learn and grow – under strict supervision at all times.




You should always know how much it’s going to cost for your legal fees. This should include any support staff including para legals, as well as miscellaneous costs. Once you know exactly what the total cost of your legal representation will be, you can then make a responsible and informed decision about whether your budget will cover these costs. At Sirlinks Law we are always willing to negotiate, always keeping in mind exactly what you will need to get maximum value for your money.


Make sure you and your lawyer are always on the same page, financially. Never be afraid to ask for clarification or financial break downs of cost for service. If a lawyer gives you attitude or arrogance because you need to make sure you can afford his or her services, they are the wrong lawyer for you. Case Closed.


A good and productive attorney/client relationship has to be based on complete transparency and honesty. You can’t expect a lawyer to fight the good fight for you if he doesn’t know the whole story, ESPECIALLY if it’s a criminal case. Do yours lawyer and yourself a favor and tell them everything. At Sirlinks Law we make it easy, with lawyers who listen without judgement.


When it comes to a successful and productive attorney/client relationship, you can’t leave anything to chance. Make sure your lawyer knows exactly what you expect of him or her. At Sirlinks  Law, even we aren’t mind readers! But if you work with us as hard as we promise to work with you, your needs and wants will almost seem to be magically understood by your legal representation. This is our mission and we’ve built all of our principles of outstanding legal representation around it.



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